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Contemporary Dance in an Augmented Reality Environment
Augmented Reality (AR) has become a popular way to show 3D objects for commercial reasons or 3D animations for gaming purposes. AR as a way to present videos of real human beings in 3D, be it as artistic or non-artistic performances, is still rare.

Streaming live performances at home has recently become all the rage, mainly due to the pandemic. Watching video has its limitations as it is 2D, so it cannot capture the beauty and fascination of moving bodies in space.

ALTstage addresses these issues, suggesting a solution for presenting AR experiences of human beings in motion as an @home experience, using conventional smart phones and laptop computers in an unusual way to combine these devices with each other, using a unique software.

You can experience ALTstage right now
  • install ALTstage mobile app from Google Play or App Store or scan the QR-code on the right
  • carefully read the instructions<<
  • go to the page of one of the performances
1. For an ALTstage experience you will need a smartphone or a tablet with certain technical characteristics:
  • for Apple users: iPhone 7 or newer
  • for Android users: smartphone running Android 8.0 or newer which supports ARCore
  • if your device does not correspond to the minimal technical requirements, you will not find ALTstage among the available apps on Google Play or App Store

2. When you open the ALTstage mobile app
  • give the app access to your camera, gallery, and microphone
  • read the instructions and follow the app prompts

3. On the main screen of the app
  • choose and download the performance (each show is about 200 MB)
  • when the download is completed, press "Go to scanning mode"

4. To launch a playback
  • on your laptop screen, press the button "Start watching"
  • point your smartphone camera at the QR-code that will appear on the laptop screen
  • when the scanning has been successful, the playback will start automatically

5. During playback
  • enlarge the window with the video to fill the whole screen by double-clicking on it
  • a countdown on your smartphone will inform you about the approaching augmented reality content
  • to launch the augmented reality content on your smartphone, point the camera of your smartphone at the laptop screen and make sure you capture the whole screen
  • press the circle on your smartphone screen to take a photo, press and hold to make a video

6. The fast forward function for the AR videos is currently unavailable
7. Do not pause a video for longer than 5 seconds
8. To stop watching and return to menu press the icon in the left corner
9. If you want to watch the performance again, refresh the page on the website: the system generates a unique QR-code for each playback session

The stage is a microscope that allows you to see in greater detail the process of the transformation of a body, from a cell to the superhuman, via lower invertebrates and animals
Where is this wonderful moment of being "here and now"? What is NOW? When will NOW happen and how can I be fully present in every second of my human being?
We are so close and so distant at the same time. Again and again we try to take down the wall of our solitude. It requires courage to overcome pride and fear and accept the support which is available
What we were looking for in this performance was something with two qualities: indestructibility and regenerability. Something which remains the same from generation to generation — while having to be restored from time to time
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